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Welcome to Health and Balance Reflexology

Giving you Health and Balance

About Me

What I do

I provide expert Reflexology (hands or feet) and Hot Stone Treatment (a form of complimentary therapy or spa treatment) services across North Worcestershire including Droitwich, Ombersley, Bromsgrove and Worcester areas. I provide health and healing for a wide range of clients.

My current specialties include stress, depression, and inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. 

What I am

I have over 25 yours experience as a Registered Nurse, and understand the body from top to toe, including health and disease, and I know how Reflexology and Hot Stone therapy sessions can safely be combined with conventional medicine.

My focus is on helping clients get back to a position of stability, health and wellbeing and therefore finding their perfect balance again....

Why choose me?

I am fully trained in Reflexology (ABC Level 3 Diploma), and have undertaken training in stress and wellbeing with Reflexology, Hand Reflexology, and Hot Stone Reflexology.

Health and Balance is nurse led, ethical and promotes the concept of natural therapy and 'self healing'.

My Services


Reflexology is based on the theory that the health within the body is dependent on the free flowing of energy. Blocked energy can contribute to health imbalance.

There are 10 zones which are situated longitudinally with 10 invisible currents of energy (also called Qi or Chi in other cultures). These are reflected in the hands and feet.

Reflexology is a relaxing therapy, and involves gentle massage and stimulation by the therapist. It does not tickle!

The flow of energy is encouraged by applying pressure to specific areas on the feet (or hands) which correspond to the body organs and systems. This decongests blockages over time and allows the energy to flow more smoothly returning your body eventually to a state of equilibrium and health. 

Reflexologists treat the whole person, not just symptoms of an illness, so most people benefit from treatment and often report feelings of wellbeing for some time afterwards.


Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot stones have been used for over 2000 years as a form of healing and maintaining balance in the body. Using a system of alternating heated and cold stones is thought to improve the circulation and boost the immune system specifically. The stones are used in addition to conventional reflexology as above.

Specific Health Focused Reflexology

I can offer specific therapy based upon your individual health need: 

  • Revitalising energy boost - fatigue or low ebb (45 minutes - £35)
  • Relaxation/calming treatment for stress relief (45 minutes - £35)
  • Balancing/holistic treatment - for existing medical conditions (eg: Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis and Hormone problems) (45 minutes - £35)
  • Detox/Weight loss (45 minutes - £35)
  • Muscle/Joint ache relief (45 minutes - £35)
  • Mini treatment - lunch break pick me up (30 minutes - £20)


Contact Me

Health and Balance

07533 400419


I offer therapy sessions at various locations and can also offer therapy sessions at your home

Payment for therapy

Many Health Insurance companies will pay for Reflexology  - contact your insurer for more information. Equally I accept payment by card, cash or cheque on the day of treatment.